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Tag: White Lies

The Shadow of the Self

The shadow
of the self
remains hidden
in darkness.

and preserved
by egotistical

by self-delusion
and little
white lies.

that I look
in the eyes.

For it is me
that I see
which cowers
and hides.

in the absence
of light.

only from
willfully blind

only by senses
which see
without sight.

Practice Notes on Authenticity: Little White Lies

The next time a little white lie comes to your lips, pause and look at it. Question it. Who are you protecting; your ego, or that of another? Is your integrity worth protecting the lies we tell about ourselves? Is a relationship with yourself or another built on illusions worth protecting? Perhaps you will conclude it is better in this situation to cultivate humility instead of vanity, and honesty instead of deceit.

Foregoing one little white lie at a time, you will find humility and honesty are preferable to vanity and deceit. When you stop protecting illusions, you make room for authenticity, and authenticity is the foundation of open hearted communication and understanding.  Just as vanity and deceit are the foundation of all conflict.