Fearless Reason

Fearless reason in an age of frightened absurdity.

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Self Revelation

Self revelation is the first step to knowing god. Only when we accept and acknowledge all of our little “I ams” are we able to begin to understand the great “I AM” that is all things. Loving, knowing, and accepting the self is our first initiation into loving, knowing, and accepting god. As long as we reject or fail to acknowledge those aspects of ourselves that cause us shame, embarrassment, or pain, we reject and fail to acknowledge our own particular manifestation of divinity. The only way to enter into communion with infinity is through our own finite beings. As long as our discomfort, fear, and lack of self-worth blind us to the totality of our being, god will remain hidden.

We Will Cease to Slumber

When awakeness
is more pleasurable
than sleep
we will cease
to slumber.

We will seek
to grow
our awareness
instead of numb
our pain.

will profane
the silence.

will pollute
the soul.

will obscure
the dear.

purity and
will liberate
our souls.

Because awakeness
will be more pleasurable
than numbness
or the profane
polluted and obscured.