Fearless Reason

Fearless reason in an age of frightened absurdity.

Tag: service to others

The Choice

Choosing to love rather than hate, choosing peace over war, choosing interbeing over separation. The choice is simple. It is the only thing we were born to do. It is the culmination of our evolutionary journey as a species. Nothing else matters. Not career, ambitions, ideology, or identity. The ends can no longer justify the means, because the end is here and we are merely a culmination of means.

The choice is not determined by the past or a predestined future. The choice is made right here now. In this present moment. The only moment where decisions are made. The only place where old things come to die and new ones come to be born.

Every other consideration is noise now. Where is the love in the present moment? Where is the peace? Where is the interconnection? Every other thing passes away. Every hope, dream, ambition, and identity has become ash.

The world is falling apart, but I find myself falling upward. Did you make the choice today? How did you choose? Was there love? Was it worth it?

Part Time Earth Bound Sinner

Every choice
the soul.

No matter
how insignificant
the action or inaction
may seem.

Every thought
and deed.

Lends weight
or lightness
to the scale.

You may
serve others
or yourself.

There is
no other path
save standing still.

You may
serve in heaven
or seek
to reign in hell.

Or remain
as you are.

A part time
Earth bound

and morally