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Ancient Universal Call

Where am I going? Who is god calling me to be? What is this ancient universal call towards simplicity and surrender? I crave the sweetness of silence, retreat, solitude, and a more primitive and authentic life. I wish to throw myself into the light, and be obliterated by god’s bliss. I wish to exist in that timeless state always. Not merely in stolen moments from the profane, when heart and breath are stilled, and the mind is set free.

If I were more adept, more Tantric, I might achieve continuous union with god in the midst of  a busy modern life. Yet this life and mankind’s bobbles and delusions separate me from god. Their distractions pull me under into unconscious states. Their lures seek purchase on my time and attention, seeking to fill all my days with mundane nightmares.

I am in the world. I am of it. Yet my soul seeks desperately to be free. It wishes to retreat to the margins of society and empire. It seeks a primitive life at the mercy of god’s grace. It seeks the immediacy of the real and abhors the artifice of the man made. It swells in my chest and beats at my brow, yearning to be set free.

I Noticed God Noticing Me

Did I notice god, or was I noticed? I think he must have always been there, waiting to be seen. Supporting me as he supports the universe, with tenderness and infinite love. Always reaching for me, and waiting patiently for me to reach back. Yes, that must be it. I noticed god noticing me, and I reached back.

I noticed god noticing me and reached back, and I was welcomed by a bounty of bliss. I was invited into the divine dance between finite mankind and our infinite god. But we aren’t just dancing, we are drawing closer.

I prayed that there be no separation between us. I prayed for all that does not serve my highest good and the good of others be taken away. I prayed for sanctity. I prayed for the dance to never end and that I be drawn into unending union.

I prayed many prayers, with no small amount of trepidation. How I sympathize with St. Augustine’s wayward words, “Lord make me pure, but not yet!” But the time for wayward prayers has passed.

We Will Cease to Slumber

When awakeness
is more pleasurable
than sleep
we will cease
to slumber.

We will seek
to grow
our awareness
instead of numb
our pain.

will profane
the silence.

will pollute
the soul.

will obscure
the dear.

purity and
will liberate
our souls.

Because awakeness
will be more pleasurable
than numbness
or the profane
polluted and obscured.

Working Alchemy on the Soul

Mundane miracles
shine forth
beacons of hope
in a sea of despair.

with synchronicity
divine purpose amidst
indifferent causality.

Possessed with
the sublime madness
of the mystic
I converse with god.

as Earth

In conversation
with the universe
we vibrate sounds
for unseen purpose.

Chanting didactic
in a conversational

We transform lead
back into gold
working alchemy
on the soul.

Sacred rites
in public

conversations with god
speaking through

Mystics of Every Religion

When religion serves as a road to connecting with the infinite creator, it serves us well. When religious identity and its finite conception of the creator becomes the object of veneration, then religion becomes a dead end, and religious identity a form of idolatry. Idolatry being the worshiping of anything less than the infinite creator manifest in finite forms. So beware the idolatry of faith, and seek instead the infinite creator.

Mystics of every religion have more in common with one another than with the average adherents of their faith. When we sit in meditation or centering prayer, we sit in the same infinite field of awareness that is the one infinite creator. By returning to that silence time after time, we attune with the infinite field of awareness, and thus purify our hearts and minds.

When religion encourages a silent mind and open heart, one inevitably comes to express the universal humanistic values of the religion’s founder. These values become inverted when religious mythology encounters one with a raucous mind possessed of fixed ideals and a closed heart. Such a one has little interest in the infinite creator, and is more concerned with protecting, promoting, and expanding tribal identity as defined by a set of religious dogmas. In this way religion becomes an idol, and a dead end for spiritual aspirants.

A Rebellion of Poets, Mystics, and Dreamers

We need
a rebellion
of poets
and dreamers.

An uprising
of outcasts
of every

We will
revolt against
casual cruelty
and systematic

We will
to the beat
of our own

for peace.

for love.

Guerrilla warriors
no longer aping
the status quo.

We will
lay siege
to hearts
and minds.

One act
of radical kindness
at a time.