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Evil’s Remedy Is Not Virtue But Laughter

Evil’s remedy
is not virtue
but laughter.

Note the
ego’s quest
for validation
and chuckle.

Observe the
of evil’s delusions
with mirth.

duality’s drama
infinitely unfolding
with laughter.

inevitably falls
under the weight
of its contradictions.

sows the seeds
of its own

alone destroys
with laughter.

holds no sway
when the heart
is gay.

Drink Deeply

I yearn for a world that is not, but should be. I crave good wine, laughter, and dear friends, gathered around neolithic fires, dancing in moonlight. I desire time, a break from duty, a moment’s reprieve from the to dos, must dos, and can dos that fill my days.

I dream of a world with human purpose, intended to meet human needs. I crave a life made up in equal parts of laughter, love, community, learning, and growth. I wish for a life without waste, where every moment serves my happiness or that of others.

I dream sweet dreams, of a life that is neither nasty, brutish, nor short. A life worth living. A life to be drank deeply and savored, until the heart breaks, for once not from anguish, but from being filled to bursting with love and joy. I yearn to drink deeply of this world. I crave a life worth living, and freedom from duties that serve none.