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Fearless reason in an age of frightened absurdity.

Tag: Gratitude

A Prayer for Mystics

Find satisfaction
in the perfection
of small things.

Be in awe
of mundane

Do less
be more
want less
be grateful.

Find love
in the midst
of everything.

Be at peace
in the maelstrom
and doldrums alike.

Do more
with less
want not
be equanimous.

This is a prayer
for mystics
and a practice
for would-be saints.

Kind Hearts and Sweet Dispositions

My visits to Buddhist and Unitarian spiritual communities over the past month have served as a much needed boost to my faith in humanity. Trump and his followers are on everyone’s mind, even as we reach for that which is most sacred. The reactions are uniformly quite horror and confusion. “I don’t understand, they seem to live in a different world,” is a frequent refrain.

Trump is an avatar of a mindset and spiritual disposition that is diametrically opposed to these sweet seekers. He embodies fear, hate, and ignorance; whereas they cultivate love, grace, and empathy. He seeks to build walls, where they seek to build bridges between themselves and their fellow beings. We all awaken this life or the next, and must sometimes wonder in darkness to know and love the light.

While I strive to love and understand by brothers and sisters lost in fear, hate, and ignorance; I am eternally grateful for the kind hearts and sweet dispositions of those fellow seekers for whom darkness is an unfathomable affliction.