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Fearless reason in an age of frightened absurdity.

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Life Lives Here in the Now

I can
do nothing
about the past.

The future
is not

I lived
in the past
I may not
live in
the future.

I am alive
only in the
present moment.

Life lives
in the now.

The past
is a graveyard
the future
a dream.

I will not
agonize over
dead things.

I will not
worry about

I will live
the living.

joy and light

I will
make my present
a heaven
until I have no
presents left.

I will be good
and practice virtue
without regret
for the past
or hope
for the future.

Breathe Free and Die in Comfort

We live
in servitude
to our past
and future

Enslaved by the
of our past
and anxiety
for our future.

Our past and future
tied irrevocably
to the present
with an abstraction
of value.

is money
and our
lives collateral.

The debts
of youth
and concern
for old age
our present.

We forfeit
our youth
and dreams
for hope.

that we will
one day
breathe free
and die in comfort.

Morning Meditation

Human civilization will only survive with great love or great control. As the instruments of self destruction multiply with each passing day, we are confronted with a future where right action will emanate from the open heart of every citizen, or wrong action will be monitored, rooted out, and controlled. We have both the seeds of a new human consciousness with an expanded sense of self, community, and empathy along with a surveillance/police state about to fall into the hands of the most dangerous organization on Earth. I choose love.