Fearless Reason

Fearless reason in an age of frightened absurdity.

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Pity My Mad Blind Brother

I will not
have you
as my enemy
nor cast hatred
your way.

is too precious
too great a burden.

I will not
taint myself
with anger
nor reject you
as myself.

I greet you
not as enemy
but as lost aspect
of my own soul.

through eyes
clouded by the darkness
of a blind heart.

by the madness
of a hallucination
of the separate self.

my mad
blind brother
is the only burden
I will bear.

Hope No More

craving progress
is nature’s way.

But man
confused progress
with desire
and lost his way.

mirages of hope
in a desert
of despair.

He sought
power and fame.

the novelty
of experience
would still
his restless soul.

Man is more
than fleeting form
and novel desire.

More than
fathomless pits
that cannot
be filled.

All souls
crave progress
but delusion
is not the way.

dear man
and hope
no more.

We are
shattered pieces
of the whole.

Your soul’s longing
the desire
to go home.

Faith alone
will still your soul
sate your desire
and take you home.

Love Thy Enemy

The only way to destroy one’s enemies is to have none. There is no evil, only delusion. There are no enemies, only god. Only the heart’s capacity to disintegrate the differences between self and other-self can end the cycle of fear, hatred, and ignorance. That means blinking at neither the light nor dark, and looking even at one’s enemies and saying, “We are one body. You are me as well, even though you hate me and wish to destroy me.”

Love is the radical and unconditional acceptance of another being. It is the acknowledgement of other as self, and the acceptance of that other-self, even though they hate you or wish you harm. Avoid or withdraw from those beings who seek to harm you, but never make them your enemy.



I Bless You

I bless

and joy
be upon

This is
my whisper.

This is
my prayer.

to the
and sinister.

I bless you.
I bless you.

I wish you well.

You wear
but we
share a
common soul.

So I

I wish you well.

and love
be upon

This is

This is

the sinful
and sinister.

Be Spacious

When the mind lacks spaciousness, one is completely identified with thoughts, emotions, and roles. This state of being leads to deep unconsciousness, where the illuminated states of being that consist of love, peace, and joy are rarely experienced. A person lost in thoughts does not enjoy life, but endures it. Love quickly turns to disappointment and jealousy, and peacefulness is replaced by discomfort and anxiety. A lack of spaciousness creates a claustrophobic life, full of limitation, dissatisfaction, and angst.

Creating spaciousness in ones mind is the simple act of creating a layer of awareness around your thoughts, emotions, and roles that recognizes itself as separate from mind activity. It may start with the abstract idea that you are the experiencer of your thoughts and emotions, and have an existence independent of them. This abstraction, when grokked and applied throughout the day as thoughts, emotions, and roles are played out, begins the process of creating a layer of awareness unidentified with transient mental activity. It creates space enough to experience a thing without being consumed by it, and thus creates the opportunity to return to your natural states of love, peace, and joy.

Accidental Saint

Accidental Saint.

I lost myself.
I lost my mind.

I lost my past.
I lost my future.

I lost my pain.
I lost my hate.

I got drunk on being.

I discovered god,
I gained eternity,
I found bliss.

I have peace.
I have joy.
I have love.

I whisper prayers, and silent blessings.

May all beings know peace.
May all beings have joy
May all beings find love.

May all beings awaken.

Practice Notes on Authenticity: Little White Lies

The next time a little white lie comes to your lips, pause and look at it. Question it. Who are you protecting; your ego, or that of another? Is your integrity worth protecting the lies we tell about ourselves? Is a relationship with yourself or another built on illusions worth protecting? Perhaps you will conclude it is better in this situation to cultivate humility instead of vanity, and honesty instead of deceit.

Foregoing one little white lie at a time, you will find humility and honesty are preferable to vanity and deceit. When you stop protecting illusions, you make room for authenticity, and authenticity is the foundation of open hearted communication and understanding.  Just as vanity and deceit are the foundation of all conflict.

A Life of Knowing

Do not live with faith, instead strive to live with knowing. Faith implies belief without evidence, which creates insecure belief at best. Knowing on the other hand, is founded on evidence and creates a much more secure confidence in ones destiny. I know the universe has conspired in my favor even before my birth. My proof is a life that even in hardship has been a catalyst for my growth and evolution as a spiritual being. So live life with the knowledge that you are exactly where you need to be in every moment, and that good or bad will ultimately inure to your benefit.

Fear is the Mind Killer

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
-Frank Herbert, Dune

Our life can be summed up as the culmination of our aversions and affinities. Aversion to poverty makes us toil and work. Affinity for meaningful and interesting work pushes us towards enjoyable vocation. This dialectic determines the trajectory of our lives.

When necessity is balanced with joy our lives are harmonious. When we do things that are necessary by ways and means that make us happy, life is good and balanced. Distortion and unhappiness creep in when affinity turns into obsession, and aversion becomes fear.

Fear is the mind killer. The truth of the above quote has always resonated with me. When we fear we cease to conceive of all that is possible, and become obsessed with that which we do not want to happen. This leads to paralysis of both thought and action.

In time I realized affinity is its own sort of aversion, and is a category of fear. When affinity becomes obsession or addiction we suffer from attachment to a desire to possess or achieve something, which is fear of dispossession or disappointment. Once fear creeps in worlds become small, and ones path to happiness becomes a knife’s edge, with fear and despair on either side.

It is better to be fearless. Do what is necessary in ways that make you happy. This is the totality of happiness. Be fearless. Accept the present as it comes, and do what you must to meet it. But do not become so attached to the present that you mourn its passing. This is fear, and fear is the mind killer. When you meet the present without attachment or fear – your world returns to its primal infinite nature. When you reside in infinite being, you abide in joy and harmony.