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Beloved Community

Beloved community, it is you that I seek. It is you that I have always longed for. It is your absence that has led to every neurotic and compulsive thought I have ever had. We were made for one another, you and I. Apart, we all went mad. But together, we will be well. Held together in arms of unconditional love and mutual care, we will be healed. Beloved community, it is only within you that I am whole.

Love Requires the Community of Lovers

Love requires the community of lovers. Alone it shrivels and dies. Perhaps some rare saints and perfect beings can love in the absence of love. But I am not a perfect being. Alone, my heart grows heavy then numb. In the community of lovelessness, I become loveless.

Love requires the community of lovers to stay alive in my heart. It needs gurus of love, who exemplify vulnerability, giving without expectation of return, and abundance. I can rely neither on god nor my own efforts to learn the lessons of love.

Much has been given to me by grace and self-discipline, but my heart requires the community of lovers. Truly, love cannot be learned from god nor the inward directed gaze alone. It must be received from your fellow beings, then freely given, without expectation of return.

Family of Orphaned Souls

I want to get a house together, and invite all our friends. Lets make a world together, not just a home. We will grow what we eat, and need nothing more. We’ll have dinners past midnight, and conversations that last years. We will invite all our soul mates, and make a family of orphaned souls. We’ll make a village, and call it our home.

We will remedy this modern sickness, of isolation and fear. We’ll wage war on balkanized hearts and minds. We will find ourselves in one another. We’ll know we’re not alone. We will have a village, and call it our home. We’ll read books and share stories, and find comfort in tribe. We will learn together, and replace flickering screens with shinning eyes.

We will rediscover humanity, and find it in our home.

Drink Deeply

I yearn for a world that is not, but should be. I crave good wine, laughter, and dear friends, gathered around neolithic fires, dancing in moonlight. I desire time, a break from duty, a moment’s reprieve from the to dos, must dos, and can dos that fill my days.

I dream of a world with human purpose, intended to meet human needs. I crave a life made up in equal parts of laughter, love, community, learning, and growth. I wish for a life without waste, where every moment serves my happiness or that of others.

I dream sweet dreams, of a life that is neither nasty, brutish, nor short. A life worth living. A life to be drank deeply and savored, until the heart breaks, for once not from anguish, but from being filled to bursting with love and joy. I yearn to drink deeply of this world. I crave a life worth living, and freedom from duties that serve none.