Fearless Reason

Fearless reason in an age of frightened absurdity.

Tag: christ consciousness


Perhaps another meaning of the crucifix is that each of us does not merely bear a cross, but that each of us is crucified in the process of living. Life is suffering, and if it has a purpose, perhaps it is to release our own indwelling Christ consciousness. The only constant of life is the impermanence of form. All happiness fades, just as all sorrow comes to pass. Our suffering causes us to have more compassion for those who suffer. Our losses, as inevitable as they are senseless, force us to search for the constant within.


Let them say,
If they speak of me.

That I was drunk on god,
And good for nothing else.

And thirsty to be.

They say.

They speak of me.

That I drank deeply,
And could not stop.

That I raptured.

And filled,
A god wide void.

Let them whisper.

That I became drunk,
On god.

And was good,
For nothing else.