Fearless Reason

Fearless reason in an age of frightened absurdity.

Tag: Being

Splendor of my Being

cannot love
what you cannot

Blind eyes
behold only
projections of
their mind.

to grasp
the reality
of their beloved.

Cling not
to the mirage
of that
which is beloved.

dear one
the splendor
of my being.

Accidental Saint

Accidental Saint.

I lost myself.
I lost my mind.

I lost my past.
I lost my future.

I lost my pain.
I lost my hate.

I got drunk on being.

I discovered god,
I gained eternity,
I found bliss.

I have peace.
I have joy.
I have love.

I whisper prayers, and silent blessings.

May all beings know peace.
May all beings have joy
May all beings find love.

May all beings awaken.

Simply Be

You are not the role of your circumstances or birth. You are the experiencer. You are the watcher of your thoughts, that exists outside of time and space. Wear your masks lightly. Play your roles with a secret smile. When possible, forget the story you tell about yourself, and simply be.