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I Pray Aversion Is Not A Sin

I pray
is not
a sin.

For I
more intolerant
by the day.

Love and
may be
my creed.

But I recoil
from fear
hatred and

Would that
I knew less
of the ways
of men.

are far
to love.

I pray
to perversion
is not a sin.

For now
I must

Love Thy Enemy

The only way to destroy one’s enemies is to have none. There is no evil, only delusion. There are no enemies, only god. Only the heart’s capacity to disintegrate the differences between self and other-self can end the cycle of fear, hatred, and ignorance. That means blinking at neither the light nor dark, and looking even at one’s enemies and saying, “We are one body. You are me as well, even though you hate me and wish to destroy me.”

Love is the radical and unconditional acceptance of another being. It is the acknowledgement of other as self, and the acceptance of that other-self, even though they hate you or wish you harm. Avoid or withdraw from those beings who seek to harm you, but never make them your enemy.