Spiritual Friendship

We are one body awakening to a greater reality and more perfect union with our fellow beings, our own souls, and our infinite creator. Some have awakened sooner and more fully than others, but perfect awakening is the destiny of all beings. By god’s grace I have been granted simplicity of being and a measure of clarity and communion with our transcendent blissful and loving god, and I wish to share the fruits of that communion.

I am an imperfect being in the midst of a lifelong process of transmuting the dross of my being into perfect and unending union with transcendent reality. So I make no claims to sanctity, and I do not wish to be anyone’s guru. Instead, I am offering spiritual friendship to fellow seekers.

Spiritual awakening can be painful and isolating. We often awaken in circumstances we would never have chosen from a conscious perspective. But even in this there is grace. The new world is being born through our lives and very being. We are awakening in darkness in order to bring light to dark places.

I offer my spiritual friendship to any who want it, that we may heal together and learn how to more fully embody our awakening souls. That may mean simply talking or help with your meditation practice. It may just mean knowing that another person exists who feels what you feel and that you are not alone.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to walk together for a time.