Barbarians Live Among Us

by Zachary A. Horn

It was
the best of times.
and the worst of times.

as they always have.

The hope of tomorrow
ever seeking
to eclipse the sins
of our past.

We peered deeply
into the depths
of the cosmos.

Shared thoughts and ideas
across the globe
at the speed of light.

We killed
on epic scale
with minimal effort.

Despoiled the Earth
our only home
with minimal thought.

We aspired
to the gates
of heaven.

Only to be pulled back
to the pits of hell
by our unatoned sins.

What the best of us creates
the worst
will rend asunder.

This is a lesson
of every age.

live among us
playing at civilization.

Pulled along
to unbearable heights
by forces
half understood.

Awaiting the moment
when the instruments
of our liberation
may be used to enslave.

Revealing themselves
upon the threshold
of the end of need
to be filled with endless want.