Fearless Reason

Fearless reason in an age of frightened absurdity.

Month: December, 2016

Part Time Earth Bound Sinner

Every choice
the soul.

No matter
how insignificant
the action or inaction
may seem.

Every thought
and deed.

Lends weight
or lightness
to the scale.

You may
serve others
or yourself.

There is
no other path
save standing still.

You may
serve in heaven
or seek
to reign in hell.

Or remain
as you are.

A part time
Earth bound

and morally

One Body

One body
as separate forms.

A mad mind
of its separability
from pain.

in the madness
of a sensory veil.

One body
in pain.

racing to a heart
in shared veins.

at the
other half’s pain.

of the supremacy
of tongue and teeth
upheld by feet
unable to sustain
the body’s forward march.

With poison
in the heart
and death
in the lungs.

Lips and tongue
draw no breath
and breathe no air.

to articulate
the mind’s final
triumphant glee.

One body
under siege
by a mad mind
of its supremacy.

Imperfect Heart

Imperfect heart
you have much to learn
about perfectly loving.

as you do
of imperfect man.

most ardently
of your own
imperfect nature.

as you do
past sins
unfamiliar faces.

You have much to learn
about perfectly loving
imperfect man.


Monuments Built to Ego

All bodies know
they are subject
to  decay.

Yet identity
seeks existence
beyond death.

more durable forms
with a sense of self.

Defeating briefly
time’s inevitable

built to ego
scar the land.

the water
soil and

Despoiling life
to sustain
life’s illusion.

All beings die
but all identities
fear death.

Remember me
they cry
throughout time.

the I that was
but can no longer be.

Ascetic of Desire

I pray neither for
power nor glory
among men.

Riches nor fame
will satisfy
my ambitious heart.

Which perceived
reality beyond dreams.

I pray only
for liberation
from this
mundane nightmare.

My awakened soul
no longer entertained
by ephemeral dreams.

in the shell
of an unconscious life.

I renounce inwardly
the cage of delusion
built by unconscious desires.

Imprisoned by dreams
I have become
an ascetic of desire.

Praying daily
for liberation
from causality’s
plodding inertia.

The Empty Field

the empty field
of awareness.

the weed
of fixed ideals.

Concerning what is
has been
or should be.

Ward against
the pestilence
of a chattering mind.

That great
of fields.

the stones
of resistance.

To the

god and

In the

with presence
a bounty of virtue.

Mystics of Every Religion

When religion serves as a road to connecting with the infinite creator, it serves us well. When religious identity and its finite conception of the creator becomes the object of veneration, then religion becomes a dead end, and religious identity a form of idolatry. Idolatry being the worshiping of anything less than the infinite creator manifest in finite forms. So beware the idolatry of faith, and seek instead the infinite creator.

Mystics of every religion have more in common with one another than with the average adherents of their faith. When we sit in meditation or centering prayer, we sit in the same infinite field of awareness that is the one infinite creator. By returning to that silence time after time, we attune with the infinite field of awareness, and thus purify our hearts and minds.

When religion encourages a silent mind and open heart, one inevitably comes to express the universal humanistic values of the religion’s founder. These values become inverted when religious mythology encounters one with a raucous mind possessed of fixed ideals and a closed heart. Such a one has little interest in the infinite creator, and is more concerned with protecting, promoting, and expanding tribal identity as defined by a set of religious dogmas. In this way religion becomes an idol, and a dead end for spiritual aspirants.

Love Thy Enemy

The only way to destroy one’s enemies is to have none. There is no evil, only delusion. There are no enemies, only god. Only the heart’s capacity to disintegrate the differences between self and other-self can end the cycle of fear, hatred, and ignorance. That means blinking at neither the light nor dark, and looking even at one’s enemies and saying, “We are one body. You are me as well, even though you hate me and wish to destroy me.”

Love is the radical and unconditional acceptance of another being. It is the acknowledgement of other as self, and the acceptance of that other-self, even though they hate you or wish you harm. Avoid or withdraw from those beings who seek to harm you, but never make them your enemy.



Gods Praying to False Deities

praying to
false deities.

Deluded beings
living in an
illusory world.

Driven mad
by the contradictions
of blasphemous faiths.

to transient forms
and settled ideals.

their inevitable destruction
and decay.

Immortal beings

of delusions
in an illusory world.

I Believe in Progress

I believe in progress. Not necessarily at the social level, but at the level of the hearts and minds of each sentient being. As a pantheist the only difference I see between the creation and god is the illusion of separateness. The former being a fragment of the whole experiencing separateness to learn, grow, and enrich the creation/creator. This perspective assumes a certain evolution of consciousness/soul from the elements, to animals, then humans, and ultimately beyond. Each stage with its own lessons learned over many incarnations, as god becomes individuated consciousness on its long path back to source.

This perspective views the human incarnative experience as the stage of self-awareness working on the lessons of love. Love being the means by which we pierce the illusion of separateness and remember that all is one. What comes next is indeed the Kingdom of God, but this perspective requires each individual to build it in their own heart and mind. Therefore, the Kingdom of God is already among us.

This perspective believes each individual is responsible for their own salvation; that salvation is the work of many lifetimes, and that all beings ultimately find their way back home. We live on a planet of incarnative humans at all different stages of their journey, and the free will of each must be respected to learn their lessons at their own pace. Unfortunately, the instrument of instruction is suffering, and when the values of souls who haven’t learned the lessons of love takes over a society suffering ensues.

While I can work towards building a more loving society through politics and other mundane means, when the majority of people in my society insist on learning the lessons of love in a different way, then that is as it must be. The question for me and my journey is do I stay and witness the suffering and alleviate it where I can, or do I find a society more in alignment with my values?