Fearless Reason

Fearless reason in an age of frightened absurdity.

Morning Meditation

Human civilization will only survive with great love or great control. As the instruments of self destruction multiply with each passing day, we are confronted with a future where right action will emanate from the open heart of every citizen, or wrong action will be monitored, rooted out, and controlled. We have both the seeds of a new human consciousness with an expanded sense of self, community, and empathy along with a surveillance/police state about to fall into the hands of the most dangerous organization on Earth. I choose love.

A Rebellion of Poets, Mystics, and Dreamers

We need
a rebellion
of poets
and dreamers.

An uprising
of outcasts
of every

We will
revolt against
casual cruelty
and systematic

We will
to the beat
of our own

for peace.

for love.

Guerrilla warriors
no longer aping
the status quo.

We will
lay siege
to hearts
and minds.

One act
of radical kindness
at a time.