Common Madness

by Zachary Adama


In the wake of the Paris attacks I have thought a lot about the madmen waging war on humanity. Many have adopted the mantra, do unto others as they do unto you. These warmongers in the West have made bellicose calls for war and vengeance, urging us to meet death with death, and terror with terror. These same voices call us to turn our backs on the refugees fleeing terror, choosing to paint victim and madman alike.

My heart breaks for humanity. My pain is for Paris, the refugees, warmongers, and madmen. We are one people, sharing a common humanity. We are citizens of Earth, and the problems of one are the problems of all. The same evil animates terrorists and right wing warmongers. I see the same lack of empathy and compassion. The same disregard and vilification of other-self. Both possess the erroneous notion that it is ever justifiable to kill, maim, and terrorize others. Both degrade the other to an object or demon, that must be exterminated and wiped from the face of the Earth. Never realizing they make war upon self.

The warmonger and terrorist are twin souls, infected by the same delusions. Neither will be exterminated until the delusion that justifies their behavior dies. War and terror will end when we start treating others as we would have them treat us, and recognize that harm to others is harm to self.

There are madmen among us waging war on humanity. They are terrorists waging jihad, and Western politicians making bellicose calls for war and vengeance. It is a common madness, that will end only when we recognize our selves in others. It will end, when we stop meeting violence and death in kind.