Grand Old Death Cult

by Zachary Adama

The party of Lincoln, which led the fight to end slavery, has become a death cult that denies reason and worships money. Of course, the party of Lincoln did not really go away, nor did the southern Democrats who once championed slavery. No, they just switched parties. Johnson lost southern whites with the Civil Rights Act, and Nixon capitalized with his Southern Strategy. As a result, the Grand Old Party has become an unholy alliance between oligarchs, theocrats, poor whites, and libertarians.

These strange bedfellows all move to the beat of the oligarchs’ drum, driven by fear, hate and ignorance to achieve feudal rule. The libertarians cry for liberty, as they cut government to place themselves in privately owned chains. Poor whites yearn for a mythologized past and blame the less fortunate for their plight, as they vote for policies that compound their suffering. Then the theocrats long for the perennial fundamentalist dream- order in an incomprehensible world, because worldly problems are difficult and seemingly insurmountable, but God’s law is simple – and so they create hell on Earth. Those who advocate slavery did not go away, they just became more ambitious.