Modern Denial: Medieval Unreason

by Zachary Adama

The dark horse of Islamic fundamentalism has struck again. The Bastard Sons of Muhammad continue to wage their war on infidels, disbelievers, and those who simply do not agree with them enough. I mourn the 12 dead, who in their own way, fought and died for the principles of Western liberalism. They were profane in equal measure to Muslims, Jews, and Christians. No one was given quarter, because no one should be above critique, even when that critique takes the form of a juvenile cartoon.

In the West we not only have a right to free speech, but we have a duty to criticize. When a God, man, or people are elevated beyond criticism, a tyrant is born, and critical thought is clad in shackles. The Bastard Sons of Muhammad would make themselves emperors and the world their slaves. Their ideology is that of the totalitarian, who wants not only the mind and body of the world, but will have its soul as well. Such an ideology cannot settle for self determination in a country or region, its most basic nature demands world domination, because the mere existence of an opposing point of view is an unbearable insult to their tyrant God. They will have our submission, or they will have our death. The Bastard Sons of Muhammad will settle for nothing less than a world in shackles.

ISIS and its progeny pose an existential threat to the West and our culture. Yes, there are moderate Muslims just as there are moderate Christians, and Jews. All of the “great religions” have adherents who have reconciled a measure of modern liberalism with the medieval unreason of their religions. But the fundamentalist of any creed is a tyrant. Their truth is the only truth, and their identity is intrinsically linked to their beliefs. To assault their belief is to assault their very person, and such a tyrant will have your submission or your death, but cannot bear your disagreement.

The West has already suffered one Dark Age at the hands of Middle Eastern fundamentalism. It was the tyrant Christ who commanded his legions to burn the great libraries of Alexandria. It was he who commanded the death of millions for holy war and inquisition. But eventually we broke free of the tyrant Christ, and his monopoly on truth. As Martin Luther penned his 95 Theses, he began the process of loosing the shackles of tyranny in the West, and made room for reason to be reconciled with the unreason of fundamentalism.

The tyrant Mohammad has reduced the Middle East to its own Dark Age of fundamentalism, that will not be lifted until they have their own Martin Luther, and a breaking of the monopoly on truth. Until that time the West must recognize the Bastard Sons of Mohammad for what they are, tyrants born of medieval unreason who will settle for nothing less than our submission or death.

I firmly believe in the principles of Western liberalism. I believe in the rule of law, the right to self-determination, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, and freedom of speech. I believe in the individual right to do as one pleases so long as it hurts no one else. These principles have given birth to a great industrial and technological civilization that is unrivaled for its prosperity, stability, and advancement. The only flaw is that many politicians who carry the flag of Western liberalism, have interpreted Western tolerance of differing opinions to mean the West has no identity worth preserving.

They would fling wide the city gates, and let in the barbarian hordes, in the name of progressive values and love of their fellow man. Racism is a medieval unreason of which I will have no part. But I am a proud cultural chauvinist. Western values are worth preserving, and Western liberalism does not mean that all cultures and values are created equal. I am critical of my country and culture, but I denounce anyone who advocates tyranny, and implore those who guard our gates to close them against those with an unrepentant eye towards conquest and murder.

The Muslim world will not be civilized and democratized with our intervention, nor by allowing replacement levels of Muslim immigration into our own lands as they flee the devastation of Mohammad’s tyranny. We must shutter our gates against this medieval unreason, and protect our culture and values. We survived one Dark Age, we do not need another.