Millennial Manifesto

1.     The Democratic process in this country is broken. A choice between pre-approved candidates backed by the corporate media, plutocracy, and party insiders is a false choice we will not continue to legitimize with our consent.

2.     We are at the end of a 50 year coup, and our government is no longer our own. The United States has become an instrument of the military industrial complex and corporate interests. Our government wages war to further the interests of an economy predicated on the destructive delusion that we can achieve infinite consumption and infinite growth on a planet with finite resources.

3.     We place our hope (and yes, we are hopeful despite living in this world with eyes wide open), in technology and private enterprise. We see that the function of government is to maintain the status quo, and the status quo is killing us and our planet. We seek change through disruptive technologies and private industry. We engage in business and innovation not to maximize profit, our fiduciary duty is to save the world.