We are sick, and have forgotten what health feels like. I am not speaking of individual vitality, though that certainly plays a role. I speak of cultural and spiritual degradation.

The West no longer exists as a culture or civilization. The Western World gave birth to democracy and the concepts of personal liberty and inalienable rights. These should have been our great contributions to global evolution towards peace, prosperity and human dignity. But we have been subverted, and our great contributions turned into cruel ironies.

Orwellian Doublespeak characterizes these once noble and ennobling values. Democracy is a choice between pre-approved corporately sponsored shills. Personal liberty is the freedom to be surveilled, interrogated, and routinely violated in mind and body. Inalienable rights are luxuries sacrificed on the alter of security.

We are sick, but there is a cure. As a culture we are addicted to fear, security, war and consumption. In short, we are addicted to the body and have forgotten our souls. But denying the soul’s existence does not make it go away. It merely sickens the body and mind. As a species we can be ennobled as spiritual being that create, love and learn – or we can be debased as bodies that consume, wage war and drift into sedentary unconsciousness. No one can deny you your soul, but the world is doing a very good job of convincing you that you do not have one.

The sleepers must awaken. We are not bodies to produce, keep safe, feed, and control. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. What ennobles you? What lifts you out of your body and makes you feel joyful, light and alive? Identify these things and build your life around them. What degrades you and makes you feel like a body in motion trapped in space and time? Identify these things and remove them from your life and being.

Awaken and be free. Civilization is the culmination of individual actions, choices, and attitudes. A culture is defined by what it values. Right now we are addicted to the body and degrade the soul – so our civilization has become one of death and dysfunction. If we value the soul, and engage in those things that enliven and ennoble us, so to will our civilization be reborn and ennobled.