Fearless Reason Revisited

I named this blog fearless reason because I wanted it to be a place where the human mind could pursue objective truth. Given the limited faculties of the human machine (particularly those of this blogger) I knew this pursuit would be a never ending work in progress. With fearless reason, however, I hoped to make more headway in this pursuit than most.

As I review my infrequent posts over the last few years, however, I see that I have largely failed in this pursuit. I have been safe, tepid and measured. I have kept free thought to the confines of my mind, but have put to pen and paper only diplomatic abstractions. As a result I have written infrequently, and the byproduct has been fearful and circumspect. 

I am a critical, blunt and impatient man by nature, who through the cultivation of self-retraint has managed practiced congeniality. Though I continue to believe civility should be aspired to in most interactions, a kind tongue and a desire not to offend have no place here. We must be blunt and critical if we are to address the problems of the day. We must be fearless and rude in our pursuit of truth in the wilderness of lies and absurdity. 

Henceforth, I hope to rededicate myself to the mission of this blog. I will be fearless in my pursuit of reason, and perhaps in some small measure find truth. I will address current events, and not just theoretical abstractions. I will be fearless in my pursuit of reason, and will follow reason where reason will go.