by Zachary Adama

For those who read this blog, I apologize for my long absence. In my last post I descended into the rabbit hole, and have since been journeying through Wonderland. I will not recount every adventure, but instead will attempt to summarize the lessons I have learned – paltry though they may be.

I last left you with a theory of everything, and a metaphysical conception of reality predicated on the idea that all things share an underlying unity of being. I left to the reader to sort out what this means for daily living and their individual roles in the world. In my own journey I have wandered through the valleys of darkness, and walked upon the peaks of light. Having walked both paths, I can only say with certainty that all paths lead to the same destination, and that each wanderer must take his own journey to get there.

We are all a part of the mosaic of existence, each playing his role, not by chance, but as a necessary component of the overarching scheme. To grasp the unity of being is to understand that the self is capable of infinite things, that the self is infinite being, and that only our momentary awareness makes us finite and small. We exist in the in-between place, between harmony and chaos. In a state of perfect harmony being is inert and unchanging, for the goal of harmony is perfect unity and the amelioration of all differences – which is the death all progress. A state of entropy is no less undesirable,  perpetuating the illusion of separateness, and pulling being apart, to a point where it can comprehend neither itself nor others. Yet somewhere between being pulled apart and pushed together, we move forward, we exist, and we learn.

Some promote harmony, while others act as catalyst. Each has his own morality, his own agenda, and his own priorities – yet each serves the whole, and each helps us learn. In the end I can neither praise nor deride those who promote one or the other. Perhaps I have become a solipsist, for indeed I know less now than I did before. But I move onward, walking between chaos and harmony, a consummate student of both.